Whether you are thinking of putting your home on the market or plan on staying put, spring is a wonderful time to get outside after a long winter and enjoy doing some maintenance on your home.

Starting with the exterior you can begin by cleaning the gutters, examining windows and doors and re-caulking or replacing weather stripping where needed. Also, examine the roof and replace old or missing shingles.

While it may be too soon to begin planting flowers, you can help the look of your yard by raking leaves, pulling weeds, picking up fallen limbs, trimming shrubs and pressure washing concrete surfaces and siding. Also, check all of your lawn equipment to be sure everything is in good working order.

Inside start with having your HVAC professionally inspected, serviced and replacing the air filter. Clean all of your windows inside and out. Dust ceiling fans, blinds and clean baseboards. Wash or vacuum your drapes. Spring is a great time of year to clean out those closets, declutter, get organized and have a garage sale.

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