Moving With Children

Moving With Children

Moving With Children

Relocation is a way of life for many families and the way a child reacts to a move depends on their age and perception of the move. It is important to inform the child in advance and explain why you will be moving. Explain in a positive manner and give them time to deal with the idea of moving to a new home and a new city.  Let the child be involved in making decisions about what they will be able to do to help.

Listen to what your child says about the move and let them express their feelings. Younger children may worry about being separated from their family or being left behind. Reassure them by letting them pack several boxes of their belongings before the move and discuss where these items will go in the new home.

It is a good idea to take pictures or videos of the new home and show them to the child. Pictures of the new yard, their bedroom, the school they will be attending and any other interesting places will be helpful in allowing your child to see what their new home will look like. Teenagers may be more concerned about fitting in and will be curious to see what other children in their school or neighborhood are wearing, hair styles and what cars they are driving. Let your teenager explore the area before the move if possible so they will now what to expect, visit the school they will be attending, visit teenage hangouts such as the mall.  Encourage them to gather names and addresses of old friends so that they can keep in touch after the move.

As soon as the major unpacking is done, take time as a family to explore the area. Visit the schools and meet teachers before the first day. Encourage the child to bring new friends home so that you can meet them and check your child's progress in school during the first few months to be sure they are transitioning smoothly.

Relocating to a new area can be stressful, but with planning and a positive attitude it can also be an adventure for the whole family.




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