Rent vs. Buy

Rent vs. Buy

If you are a prospective homeowner you have a lot to consider before purchasing a home, such as whether buying or renting makes more sense for you.  Here are a few points to consider before deciding whether to become a homeowner or renter.

Renting a home gives you more flexibility to explore and research an area before making a long term commitment. Also, if you are thinking about changing jobs or are considering relocating out of the area, renting gives you flexibility to move quickly while homeowners are at the mercy of the current market conditions. Renting typically means that you will have no maintenance expenses and sometimes utilities such as water and sewer are included in the monthly rent. Credit rating issues may also be a factor in your ability to obtain a mortgage, so renting a home until your credit improves is sometimes necessary.

Buying a home allows you to obtain equity, while renting you are basically paying your landlords mortgage. Typically if you stay in your home for 5-10 years, the costs of purchasing the home are more likely offset by accrued value and increasing home value and once your home is paid off you can borrow against the equity to pay for things such as college educations for the children or some other major purchase. You can also deduct mortgage interest and property tax from your income taxes every year. Renters do not get this benefit. As a home owner you also have creative control, so paint and hang as many pictures as your heart desires. Keep in mind, when it comes to maintenance, the ball is also in your court. So, if your not a do-it-your selfer, you will have to pay a contractor, which can be expensive. On the bright side, interest rates are still low and the market over the past several years has been slow but steady.

If you would like to determine whether buying or renting is more cost effective for you, please click the link below from First Bank and use their handy rent vs. buy calculator. For more information on buying vs. renting call Peggy Graves at 731-664-2342 or email

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